We believe that education is a useful tool in developing better athletes and people. Take some time to read what we have to say on all topics regarding sports, physiotherapy, exercise, triathlon, and more.

Tips for tackling a triathlon

Undertaking the challenge of your first triathlon is daunting. Lets discuss some practicalities that may help you along the way.

Some science of running

Running is a very popular sport for elite and recreational athletes. Here we dive into some of the biomechanical demands of running.

Tendinopathies and optimal loading

Tendon injuries can be major limitations to your training as an amateur or professional athlete. Here we discuss the current issues around tendinopathies.

Injuries in endurance athletes

Endurance athletes are most at risk for overuse injuries. Read our blog on why this is the case.

Are you recovering from your training?

Most recreational athletes go full steem for days and weeks. But is this sustainable or necessary? Here are our thoughts on recovery.


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