Services and Packages

We started servicing the health and sports industry in 2019. We offer a variety of multisport coaching, sports physiotherapy, and injury rehabilitation services. Our unique flavour is personalisation in all we do- physio, rehab, and coaching.

Injury Rehabilitation

We provide sports specific rehabilitation programs for a full return to function and sports performance after injury. The application of scientific and clinically useful methods are the cornerstone of our rehabilitation strategies.

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Sports Physiotherapy

We offer physiotherapy services for post-op orthopaedics, sports specific rehabilitation, back and neck pain, general aches and pains, dry needling, sports strapping, injury prevention, exercise and lifestyle guidance. These services are provided privately or online (if applicable).

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Multisport Coaching

The key focus of our coaching programs are scientific based training load management strategies. We use proven methods to manage your training, improve your athletic capability, and facilitate participation in your chosen sport.

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Coaching Packages

If you have a goal, we want to journey with you. Browse through our packages, and click on the sign up tab below to get in touch for more information on each package…


For the serious athlete

For the serious athlete, looking for improved performance and specific racing goals. This is our flagship coaching experience, where we provide one-to-one coaching as per your athletic capabilities and needs. We have limited slots available for this coaching experience as we believe in our personal coaching model.


*PLUS R200 activation fee


For the finisher

For the first timers, or the regulars who just love everything about endurance sporting events, or for the time crunched athlete just looking for structure. This package will ensure a high-quality training schedule is undertaken within a self-motivated and self-planned manner. The programs are built around key ultra endurance events according to the yearly calendar e.g IRONMAN Series, Ultra Series, Knysna Extreme, etc.


*PLUS R200 activation fee


For the injured or struggling athlete

We apply the knowledge and exprience of working with high performance athletes to provide an online training load and injury prevention service. This is done with an online sports physio consult (via Zoom). We provide you with an appropriate preventative rehab/physical resilience plan as required, and navigate through solutions to your current endurance training program. One-on-one physiotherapy consults can be arranged if needed at a suitable time.


*Please note that we will always recomend a physical consult with a physiotherapist for injury management. These online sessions are for identifying key areas that may be causitive of injuries in endurance training, usually linked to training load error and key physical deficits.